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Seeking Skeptics is all about asking real questions and giving real answers about the Christian faith. Whether you've been a Christian your whole life or have only heard about them on the internet, if you're a deep thinker, this series is for you.

Seeking Skeptics will run 6 weeks starting October 15th, meeting Sundays at Grass Valley Elementary School at 10am.

Grass Valley Elementary
3000 NW Grass Valley Dr. Camas, WA

Seeking Skeptics

Oct 11, 2017

We're glad you made it to our 'Seeking Skeptics' page. This page will be a place where you can follow along with 'Seeking Skeptics,' and investigate the Christian faith more. Whether you were raised in a Christian home, or know little to nothing about the Christian religion, if you are a deep thinker, this is a series for you.

The series begins October 15th and will go until November 19th. Join us on Sunday mornings at Grass Valley Elementary at 10am. We want to ask real questions about the Christian faith, and find some real answers.

Finding real answers is something that takes hard work a dedication. It requires a desire to discern truth from falsehood, no matter the cost. Sometimes, it means uncomfortable encounters with beliefs we've held dear that might turn out to be untrue. But the pursuit for truth is worth the pain. 

It's much like building a fire. It first requires work gathering facts and evidence–much like gathering logs and sticks. Then it requires breaking those things down through hard mental work–much like chopping the wood we have gathered. Throughout the process, it requires being careful not to let those facts get bogged down with opinions and biases–just like you must keep your firewood dry. But in the end, when the facts and falsehoods have been separated, and put together into full understanding, we get to enjoy the confidence of living lives built on truth.

Seeking Skeptics aims to do just that. If you have questions you want answered, send them to .

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